About the PRWA

The Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA) is a community group bringing together, and forging relationships among, workers in our city’s diverse food and beverage industry. Participation in the PRWA is volunteer based and open to food service workers from every background. The PRWA’s goal is to empower our community with the knowledge of its legal rights and support each other in the challenges we face.


The Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA) is a volunteer-based, membership-funded organization committed to the advancement of all workers in the Portland Metropolitan food-and-beverage service industry. Through the principles of solidarity, support and education, the PRWA uses collective action to break the isolation within the diverse restaurant community and demand the respect we deserve as the people who power the industry.


The PRWA believes that all restaurant workers share a mutual interest in defending and advancing their rights at work.We believe, as well, in the responsibility to act when our rights are under assault by employers or legislation. These acts of solidarity help us stand together as a cohesive force.

The PRWA is resource of support for workers seeking to challenge illegal or unethical employment practices. The PRWA is not a charity organization; it’s a vehicle for workers to take action for themselves to secure their rights. By supporting each other through issues at our individual workplaces, we recognize that our struggles are part of industry-wide problems that affect us all.


The PRWA coordinates educational opportunities for workers. Through publications and trainings, the PRWA empowers workers with knowledge about their rights on the job. The PRWA coordinates job-training workshops to provide workers the opportunity to expand their professional skills.

Collective Action
Defending our rights requires action. The PRWA believes that collective action–confronting challenges together as a community of workers—is the best way to make long-lasting changes in the restaurant industry. When we confront our employers alone over our rights and interests, it is extremely isolating. We, as an industry, can put an end to this isolation through collective action, and successfully acquire the control to secure our respect, working conditions, and livelihoods.