Diners Alliance

Dining out is an experience we all enjoy.  But how would your experience be affected if you knew that your food was prepared and served by workers experiencing unsafe or exploitative conditions?

The PRWA hopes to foster ties between workers and diners who share the same community and who value the rights, working conditions, and livelihoods of all workers from farm to table.

Together, diners and workers can take action and secure change.  We know you agree with us.  Can you join us?

Join the Diners Alliance

What does it mean to be a Diner Ally?
Do you enjoy frequenting Portland’s many restaurants, bars and cafes?  Are the workers’ rights of those who serve and prepare your food important to you?  The PRWA’s Diners’ Alliance is made up of concerned citizens like you who stand along side workers who are standing up for their rights.

How does being a Diner Ally help restaurant workers?
Central to the PRWA’s mission is the concept of collective action.  By joining the Diners’ Alliance and signing up to receive our Solidarity Action Alerts, you are making a pledge to stand along side workers who are standing up for their rights.  Your support is crucial, thank you!


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