Legal Resources & Links

This page is dedicated to providing informative links regarding workers rights. Please email links that you have found useful to

  • Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): OSHA’s website includes comprehensive ‘A-Z Topic List’ and ‘Rules and Compliance’ pages. Topics are linked directly to their legal description of compliance. The ‘File a Complaint’ page details the how a complaint is addressed and how to file a complaint to the appropriate office.
  • Oregon Restaurant Association (ORA): The ORA is a business association created in the interest of the state’s restaurant owners. The ORA describes itself as “The Voice of Oregon’s Foodservice Industry” and possess a Government Affairs staff which diligently lobbies the Oregon legislature and supports electoral candidates in its members economic interest. These interest often contrast those of restaurant workers.  However, the ORA website also provides useful information on how to receive a Food Handlers Certificate and Alcohol Server Permit; an online course allows you to test and receive your Oregon Food Handlers Certificate.
  • The National Workrights Institute (NWI): The NWI’s goal is “to improve the legal protection of human rights in the workplace.” The NWI offers an in depth review of workplace issues and their legal compliance (ex. drug testing). The Institute’s page is frequently updated with reviews of issues that are currently in the news and before legislative bodies, and provides information on how to take action in support of workers rights.
  • Workplace Fairness: Workplace Fairness is an important resource for anyone with questions regarding labor laws. Its website contains a thorough and extensive collection of issue reviews presented in an easy to read Question-and-Answer format (ex. sexual harassment).

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